Paving the Way to Better Streets: Asphalt Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas is a continually expanding city, with – they say – 38 million visitors a year.   Monthly, there are roughly about 5,000 people that newly move to Las Vegas, and about 5,000 that move out.

That’s a whole lot of foot traffic.  With the continual expansion, the construction of new hotel properties and casinos, and all that foot traffic, it’s no wonder that streets in Las Vegas, especially around the Strip area,  need constant maintenance.

J and J Asphalt answers that call splendidly.  From paving to excavation to grading and maintenance, J and J does it all, and has been serving Las Vegas with the best equipment and services, not to mention professionalism – for years.

No matter how big or small the job is, J and J Asphalt gives the city a constant, ground floor level, much-needed makeover.  And they do it with style.  If you’re looking for quality asphalt Las Vegas level service, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

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