Your Next Project: Concrete Vs. Asphalt

Debating whether you need or prefer concrete or asphalt for your commercial or residential project is half the battle. Understanding the difference and pros and cons of each can possibly help you decide.


The dark and rugged look of asphalt vs the light and smooth color of concrete can be a determining factor. Concrete can usually enhance the appearance of a building but is more susceptible to stains and dirt. When asphalt is in need of repair, the repair are typically less visible then those made on concrete.

Your Next Project: Concrete Vs. Asphalt

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Preparation and Installation

Asphalt typically requires a well prepared and smooth service before installation. Depending on the place where the asphalt will be installed, this may require more funds and time. A concrete installation also require some level of preparation but may not be as extensive.


Concrete is typically preferred in regards to maintenance as it requires little to no maintenance depending on it’s function. An asphalt driveway will require maintenance and depending on the climate, this may be every three to four years.

Your Next Project: Concrete Vs. Asphalt

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Both concrete and asphalt are extremely durable substances, however there is an area in which each thrives. A cold environment is where asphalt can really last. A warmer climate is where concrete can withstand the heat. While concrete can be installed in colder climates, it is not desired. A tiny crack in a driveway can allow water to enter and freeze thus expanding and creating a larger crack. With asphalt, the heat of the sun can warp the asphalt and cause uneven surfaces or bumps.

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