Vintage Road Sign Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Do you want a change from the usual bland and boring home decor options?  Look no further than your local neighborhood streets and highways.  Recycled road signs, long used to brighten up college dorm rooms and pubs, can now be added throughout your home as bold, funky furniture.


Dining Room

If you’re sick and tired of your formal, proper dining room, make a statement by switching over to a unique, vibrantly colored modern dining set made from recycled road signs. It will certainly be a conversation-starter at dinner parties, and the bright colors will be sure to keep the atmosphere equally upbeat.

Vintage Road Sign Decorating Ideas for Your Home

photo by danielle_blue


If you like the idea of using recycled road signs to brighten things up but don’t want to make it a major part of your decor, consider switching out your kitchenware.  It’s more subtle than, say, buying a dining room table and chairs made out of recycled signs, but it will still add a splash of color and style to your table.

Living Room

While the idea of trading in your comfy couch for one made from recycled road signs might not be too appealing, there are many other ways to incorporate this type of furniture into your living room.  A run-of-the-mill coffee table can be updated to something more unique, as can side tables and desk chairs.  Boring bookshelves can be upgraded to eye-popping works of modern art.  Even things like dumbbell sets can be made from recycled road signs and incorporated into the decor of your home instead of being discreetly hidden away.

With furniture like this, your decor will surely be the center of attention. Show off your local pride by getting creative with Las Vegas road signs. J&J Asphalt looks forward to fullfilling your Las Vegas paving needs. Call us today!