Grading Services

J&J is pleased to offer grading services to prepare your land for paving. If you are a developer, land owner, culdesac builder, or general contractor, contact one of our estimators today for a free estimate.

J&J Enterprises is the proud owner of a Caterpillar 140M Motor grader.┬áThe Caterpillar 140M Motor grader helps us to prepare a parking lot by accurately grading it before we start the paving process. Now, not only can we pave the lot, and do all of your concrete walkways, pylons, etc., we can do the foundation work for your parking lot. We start by laying down Type II dirt, which is a special blend of firm dirt which helps to create the foundation. Then we grade the area, following specifications for grading degrees in accordance with city ordinances, to ensure water will drain out to the street. With over 20 years of experience behind us, you can trust us with your lot – from grading, to paving and concrete, and all at the best prices in town.