Asphalt Paving

A freshly completed road, parking lot or driveway can look great, but the true test of quality is performance. Lasting performance is the result of thoughtful planning, intelligent material selection and genuine skill to build a durable, functional and safe surface. Since 1981, J&J has been the the leading Las Vegas asphalt & paving company by providing the highest quality materials and truly skilled tradesmen.

Custom Quoting
Every project is unique, and our tradesmen put personal care in to each and every project. We personally inspect the location and
apply our experience and knowledge to provide a dependable
and competitive recommendation of what J&J can do to best
meet the needs and expectations of our customers. After a personal consultation, we submit a dependable and intelligent estimate without gimmicks or prorated add-ons.


Asphalt PavingGetting the Job Done
J&J is a licensed and bonded contractor in multiple states, making permitting, planning and inspections a hassle-free proposition. Meticulous planning by real tradesmen can reveal opportunities you never knew you had, and can even save money and improve the end result.


Asphalt PavingOur priority is providing our customers with a product that we can stand behind. The road, parking lot or driveway that J&J puts down is built to perform and last with proper maintenance, and it is backed by a two-year warranty, or the unbeatable J&J
FIVE-YEAR Warranty.
Find out how J&J can improve your roadways, parking lots, or any other asphalt on your property by calling 702-361-2914 for a free custom quote from your Las Vegas paving experts.