3 of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Safety always come first when driving (or it should). But you’re only ever as safe as the car you’re driving and the road you’re driving on. Here are three of the most dangerous roads in the world:

#3 Anywhere in Johannesburg

The (unofficial) carjacking capital of the world, according to one article over 1,200 motorists were forced from their car in 2001. More recently, a man’s girlfriend used Twitter to alert the world her love was being kidnapped and had been locked in the trunk after a carjacking.

3 of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World

photo by Gravitywave

#2 UK’s A537

Called “the Widowmaker” (for obvious reasons), this route is as beautiful as it is deadly. According to this article, most casualties occur to non-local, male motorcyclists, so maybe leave the bike at home.

#1 Halsema Highway, Philippines

Located on the island of Luzon, this is the tallest road in the Phillipines. Because the road is under-maintained, landslides are common. Add to this the occasional mountain mist, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


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