10 Very Funny Road Signs

There are a lot of road signs out in the world. We’ve installed a lot of Las Vegas road signs, but none as funny as these.

The Funniest Road Signs

1. Airplane crossing

We don’t want to be on any road that has a sign like this. Do they cross the road? On wheels? Are they landing on the road? Are they just driving around for practice? There are so many questions let unanswered here.

2. Low flying owls

This could be a dream come true or your worst nightmare. All of your Harry Potter themed hopes could be lying just past this sign. Of course, so could a few Alfred Hitchcock fears.

3. Wait, what?

You should probably be paying attention to the road ahead rather than this pretty useless sign. It seems like it would just add to the confusion and anticipation of what is, it seems, just a very curvy road.

4. Powernap now

Thank you for the support of napping, but maybe a full nap is in order. Maybe even a full night of sleep.

5. Low bridge ahead

This is so much better than a sign on the side of the road with the height of the bridge written on it. Really, you have no excuses if you hit one of these funny road signs and then continue to attempt passing under the bridge.

6. Sunburn alert

Another sign that keeps things simple. Compare your skin to the sign. If the colors match, pack your things and go. Las Vegas could definitely use these next to pools during the harsh summer sun.

7. Driving risky

This town is keeping it simple.

8. Take care

This town, however, is not. What does this mean? No passing? Risky passing? One way? Low shoulder? Drivers would benefit from one or two extra words on this sign.

9. Water on road

Thank you for the heads up here. Maybe if they had a proper asphalt drainage system they wouldn’t need a sign.

10. Ends in water

This one may be a funny road sign, but it’s probably the most useful. That could be a very unwelcome surprise at the end.

Do You Need Less Funny Road Signs Put in Place?

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